What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course.
The names Fate.
They call me the most exotic flower,
Charismatic, Magnetic, Electric.
Pin up enthusiast with a vintage soul
Fun sized.
Hakuna Matata
Alice in Wonderland


*panties off already*



Jayne Mansfield in a Lux Soap Commercial, c. 1962.

I have not gotten down with anyone in 9 months. NINE months! How did this happen?!

Anonymous: Don't listen to those jealous anons! They obviously have nothing better to do than talk shit because they are insecure about them selves. Your wonderful.

Thank you boo! I love my haters, they make me feel so cared about hahahha ;)

Anonymous: I saw you at low brau! You smelled like straight onions when I walked past you....

Hahahhahahha, I haven’t been there since APRIL. Nice try though! Just FYI; if you’re going to talk shit to someone at least get your facts straight! :)