What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course.
The names Fate.
They call me the most exotic flower,
Charismatic, Magnetic, Electric.
Pin up enthusiast with a vintage soul
Fun sized.
Hakuna Matata
Alice in Wonderland


The top is coming off!

Anonymous: I can't figure you out. Ur by far the prettiest girl on this planet but u don't act like a typical hot girl. U don't post a million selfies or put all your shit out there. U have always been popular but u don't seek or seem to want attention from others. U say little but what u say has depth. Ur opinionated but don't like to argue. From what I can tell your shy around guys u like but I highly doubt u have ever been rejected. Am I wrong? I just want to know u

That about sums me up, I guess. Who is this?

I finally talked to the guy I have been crushing on for months today. He waived and smiled at me, while speaking “have a good day!” I just smiled. I am such a coward, I caught him staring at me so many times and I just sat there wishing I could tell him how fucking sexy he is lol. One of these days!