What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course.
The names Fate.
They call me the most exotic flower,
Charismatic, Magnetic, Electric.
Pin up enthusiast with a vintage soul
Fun sized.
Hakuna Matata
Alice in Wonderland
Anonymous: How did it go about telling your friend about the bad news?

I didn’t tell them -_-

Anonymous: How did you get your bangs to grow out so fast!?

The secret to healthy hair is the shampoo you use! I use Sebastian penetrate shampoo and conditioner and organix coconut oil leave in split end mender. My hair is super long and healthy now :)


I love the Skype one!

Anonymous: Not that my opinion means anything to you, but I don't think you made that fake profile. I haven't seen or heard of you having any drama in awhile. People fuck with you and you just say your peace and move on :)

Honesty I didn’t make it. Lol. It’s stupid being accused of something you didn’t do. I have never hid behind a computer to express my dislike, I’m a vocal person and if I don’t fucking like you I will get in your face and tell you. Meagan knows that better than anyone, she has felt my wrath in the past. She needs to stop looking to me, and find the actual person who did it. I’m getting credit for someone else’s work, therefor letting the pathetic, waste of space culprit who actually made it, win! They are winning 100%, laughing and watching all this go down, knowing they truly affected Meagan. I would never want to give some random that satisfaction.